The Best Tools for Building Online Sales Funnels

Top Tools for Building Your Online Sales Funnel

Are you ready to start building out your sales funnels? There are a number of tools that can help you better optimize your sales funnels and increase your chance of success. If you’re still trying to make a decision, here are some of the most popular tools on the market:


Kajabi is a web-based software platform that allows for the creation, hosting, marketing, and selling of digital products. It is, in my opinion by far the best tool for small business startups.

I'm passionate about Kajabi and I see how it changes people's lives daily. It's the top tool for almost any services business model. How? It is an all-in-one solution that allows you to build your coaching programs, website, landing pages, online courses, membership sites, podcasts, customer management, sales funnel pipelines, email marketing, affiliate programs, and more.

It's priced at the high-end, but if you bought all of the "solutions" that it encompasses separately you'd pay more than the Kajabi monthly price. And if you incorporate all its power, Kajabi is well worth the investment. 

Interested in trying Kajabi’s all-in-one platform to create your sales funnel?  Click here for a free 30-day trial, and….when you sign up receive a free Invigorate Your Business Strategy Session ($300 value).  The 90 minutes Invigorate Your Business Strategy Sessions can be used in any way that you’d like, but if I were you, I’d pick my brain about you guessed it, Sales Funnels.   Note:  the free 30-day trial is an affiliate link associated with my Kajabi Hero program.  


When it comes to building opt-in pages, LeadPages is one of the most powerful tools you have at your disposal. They've tracked and tested a variety of page styles to determine which ones convert best, and they make it easy for you to build similar pages for your funnel.

It does come with a monthly fee, though, so before investing, you'll want to be sure you can recoup your investment. But keep in mind that Kajabi also allows you to build opt-in pages.


Instabuilder is similar to LeadPages but without the monthly investment. Instabuilder is a plugin for WordPress that allows you to create your own funnels. It includes several funnel templates and a drag-and-drop page builder that makes it easy to get just the look you want.


Probably the easiest email manager on the market today, AWeber is the choice for many small business owners, not only because it’s simple to use, but because it’s also economical. Starting at less than $20 per month for up to 500 subscribers. AWeber offers both autoresponders and broadcast emails, list automation, and segmenting, so you can send emails exactly when—and to whom—you want.

AW Pro Tools

AWeber Pro Tools is a powerful add-on to AWeber that gives you more control over your list management than ever before. AWeber Pro Tools can remove unsubscribes for you, move subscribers to different lists based on the links they click, and automate many other tedious tasks that are typically required when managing lists.


One of the simplest and most widely used payment processors, PayPal allows you to collect payments for your products and services without having to set up a complicated web store or merchant account. Their low fees and the wide range of shopping cart plugins make them an ideal service for anyone who wants to sell their products online.


Ontraport is an email manager that offers shopping cart functionality, so you can create powerful funnels that are fully integrated with your sales process. The benefit here is that you don't have to try to sync your cart with your email system, since it's completely self-contained.

3 Must-Haves for Building Your Online Sales Funnel

You can see that you have a lot of options when it comes to building out your sales funnels, but what are the must-have items? At the most basic level, you must have: 

  • A way to create web pages.  A simple Kajabi website will fill this need, with a little bit of work.

  • A way to capture email addresses. Kajabi and AWeber are definitely the top choices here, but others include MailChimp, FloDesk, Constant Contact, and iContact.

  • A way to collect payments.  PayPal is as easy as it gets when it comes to shopping carts, but other options include 1 Shopping Cart, Woo Commerce, and aMember.  Kajabi integrates with PayPal.  

I recommend starting small. Build the funnel framework as simply as you can, using tools that fit your budget and add value to the future you are creating. I have wasted a tremendous amount of time, playing with other systems, and Kajabi by far has saved me and millions of others time and money. Once you have a few funnels up and running, you will be able to see where improvement can be made and how well your tools are supporting your business.

As mentioned above, If you're interested in exploring if Kajabi might be a good fit for helping you create your online sales funnel, I recommend utilizing our 30-day free trial. Note: this is an affiliate link and I will earn a commission if you stay with Kajabi after the 30-day trial has expired. And because I love, love, love, working with small business start-ups + want to see you thrive, if you sign up I will give you a free 90 Minute Invigorate - Strategy Session (a $300 value). 

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