I’m Cheryl, Your Online Business Empowerment Coach & Lifestyle ArchiTECH

I empower, equip, and educate women (companies) to utilize their skill sets and experiences to create transformational online businesses, websites, digital courses, coaching & membership programs to share with the world. 

 Kajabi is my jam. 

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I’m Cheryl, Your Kajabi Lifestyle ArchiTECH. 

I empower women (companies) to utilize their skill sets and experiences to create powerful transformational courses and programs to share with the world. 

 Kajabi is my tool. 

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I am ready to assist you with creating multiple streams of income + market your business in one place!

Website + Memberships + Courses all on ONE platform!

Are you sick of trying to figure this website & course creation thing out?


Have you ever desired a life of financial freedom? A life without having to answer to the ‘man’, the ability to work on your own time when you feel most energized and inspired? A life where you can have more time for your children? Doing the things, you love? Living a life, YOU created?

You + Me = Financial Freedom.

You bring the idea; I’ll bring the tools and together we can create online businesses, websites, digital courses, podcats, and memberships for you to share with the world. Let’s leave behind all the complicated plugins, security issues, and extra fees associated with integrating other website platforms and create something dynamic and true to you!

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 Website Design


Implemented with ease & grace.  Designed to fit your style & taste.  Migrating from another platform or starting from scratch?  Either way, we've got you covered. 

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 Digital Course Creation


Information products are a billion-dollar industry and can reach international markets. From concept to outline to user experience to selling, I’ll guide you from beginning to end.

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Business Strategy Coaching


You don’t have to do it alone. Developing your business is a lot of trial and error.  That's where I come in.  Save time with my experience and guidance! 

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I’ve spent my career as an  IT Management Consultant working for Fortune 100 clients. I understand tech in a way that, so few people truly do (from the technical + business side). More importantly, I  understand where you’re at!  I’ve worked long days, nights, and weekends in a job that brought me NO joy!  So in 2021, I took the big leap from Side Hustle into a Full-Time entrepreneur and I'm living my dream life filled with low stress, better health, freedom, joy, and peace of mind! 

And I want to help you do the same in 2022.  Allow me to help guide/coach you on how to: create, and market your website & digital courses from your life and career experiences!  People are waiting for you to share.

More About My Story...


Christina Rebel-Otterbach


"The Cheryl Cooper" took on the challenge to develop a website focused on the new brand, offering a modern, inviting, consistent and informative look, using visuals, animations, designing graphics, embedding logos. With Cheryl’s creativity and access to resources, she created a website portraying the personality and business approach Christina Rebel-Otterbach is taking together with trusted advisor partners and networks. The website has been built, so it can be easily expanded to add business resources, trusted advisor resources, coaching programs and informative and learning tools. Thank you, Cheryl, for “getting me” and providing me a key component to my business strategy!

Leah Merriweather


Working with Cheryl on my website build was a tremendous blessing. As a former website designer, I am very skilled in building websites through other platforms. I was unfamiliar with Kajabi and wanted to work with a professional this time instead of learning a new platform to do it myself.

Cheryl is very knowledgeable about this platform and she knows all of the bells and whistles to get you a unique website that helps bring your brand to life. I would hire Cheryl again!

Larissa Russell


I'm Larissa Russell of Creative U Healing. I just want to commend Cheryl on the amazing work she does. She has been so helpful with everything Kajabi you can go to her with any question. Or if you need a page built, if you need any help with anything Kajabi, she is your go to person. And you are definitely going to want to check her out because she can help you with everything Kajabi.

Kate Milne


Hi, I'm Kate Milne from Age Sister. I just wanted to tell you about Cheryl Cooper and her amazing work with Kajabi websites and Kajabi tools. Cheryl is just the go-to person for any of your build needs with Kajabi she's the person to get you on your road to freedom.

Melissa Anthony


Cheryl has been a Godsend for me in helping to get my business resurrected. She is a coach who listens with a refined ear, and clearly understands the mission of my company. Her ideas are creative and relevant and her instruction is very sound. She is always smart, calm, and uplifting. I highly recommend Cheryl to anyone who is ready to take their small business to the next level."

Starter Package ~ Kajabi Website


Top features

  • Home Page + About Us
  • 1 Services/Landing Pages & Includes Products + Offer
  • Contact Us
  • Testimonials
  • Custom Designed Email Marketing Campaign
  • Payment Integration

Advanced Package ~ Kajabi Website


Most Popular

  • Starter Package + Digital Course Buildout
  • Product (Offer, Checkout, Payment Integration)
  • Digital Course Creation (Modules/Lessons) 
  • Course Home Page
  • Instructor Settings

Digital Course Creation Package


Top features

  • Custom Digital Course Buildout 
  • Product (Offer, Checkout, Payment Integration)
  • Digital Course Creation (Modules/Lessons) 
  • Course Home Page
  • Instructor Settings
Ask me about Course Creation Coaching (see store).

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