Tips to Becoming A Successful Business Owner: A Guide for Women Over 50

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In an age where the corporate world seems increasingly volatile, especially for seasoned professionals who find themselves edged out due to age discrimination, the idea of turning years of experience into a thriving small business is not just appealing—it's empowering. For women over 50, this pivot can mark the beginning of a fulfilling and successful entrepreneurial journey.  Below are a few ideas that you can use immediately to transform your corporate work experience into a heart-centered online business, leveraging the skills and insights you've gained over the years.


Identifying Your Niche

Your corporate experience is a goldmine. Reflect on your career to identify your strengths, passions, and the areas where you've made the most impact. Whether it's strategic leadership, project management, IT, financial planning, or customer service excellence, your corporate background gives you a unique edge and a great jumping-off point for starting an online business. Consider heart-centered businesses that align with your passion, such as coaching, consulting, distance reiki healing, yoga, or creating an online platform that serves a specific community.  If you need help flushing out an idea - book some time with me here (it's free). 

As a Visionary, I love helping others think through their ideas and design a high-level strategic plan/sales funnel.   


Types of Businesses to Start

  1. Consulting or Coaching: Leverage your expertise to guide others. Whether it's a business strategy, life coaching, or wellness consulting, your insights can help others grow and the world will be a better place because you've shared your gifts and talents.
  2. Online Courses or Workshops: Package your knowledge into digital courses or workshops. This right here is a rockstar idea!!  Teach skills you've mastered, from technical know-how to soft skills.  
  3. E-commerce: Use your sales, marketing, or supply chain experience to launch an online store. Consider products that resonate with your values or interests.
  4. Content Creation: Start a blog, podcast, or YouTube channel. Share your expertise, stories, and lessons learned to inspire and educate your audience. 

 Based on a study performed by JP Morgan, by 2025, the digital product industry will be worth $74 billion.  As a woman over 50, why not get a piece of that financial pie?  Keep reading and learn how to get started. 


12-Step Process to Start an Online Business

  1. Market Research: Identify your target market and understand their needs, challenges, and desires. Use online tools and surveys to gather insights.
  2. Business Planning: Outline your business model, value proposition, and revenue streams. A clear plan will serve as your roadmap.
  3. Legal Structure: Choose the right legal structure for your business (e.g., sole proprietorship, LLC) and register your business accordingly.
  4. Branding: Develop your brand identity, including your business name, logo, and brand colors. Ensure they reflect your mission and values.
  5. Website Development: Create a professional website that showcases your offerings, shares your story, and includes clear calls to action.
  6. Content Strategy: Plan your content marketing strategy. Use blogs, videos, and social media to engage your audience and build authority.
  7. Social Media Presence: Establish a presence on relevant social platforms. Share valuable content, interact with your audience, and grow your community.
  8. SEO: Optimize your website and content for search engines to increase visibility and attract organic traffic.
  9. Email Marketing: Build an email list and engage your subscribers with regular updates, tips, and exclusive offers.
  10. Product Development: Develop your products or services based on customer feedback and market demand. Focus on quality and differentiation.
  11. Sales Strategy: Implement sales funnels and strategies to convert leads into customers. Utilize online tools and platforms for automation.
  12. Feedback and Iteration: Continuously gather feedback from your customers and adjust your offerings, marketing, and operations accordingly. 

As an online business coach, I can assist you with all of the above.  If you're thinking, where can I find the time to do this while I'm still employed, raising children, etc. check out my Accelerate Your Success program.  It's a done-with-you coaching, website design, and course creation program, designed specifically for women (people) who are still working and want to begin building their plan B while employed or waiting for retirement/layoff packages.  



Empowerment Through Entrepreneurship

Transitioning from corporate to entrepreneurship is an opportunity to redefine your professional identity on your terms. It's about creating a business that not only leverages your strengths and passions but also serves a purpose and community you care about.

For women over 50, we all know that ageism is real, so when facing the challenge of age discrimination, starting a small business is not just a path to financial independence—it's a powerful statement of resilience, expertise, and value. Remember, your experience is your asset, your age is your advantage, and your journey is just beginning. Embrace this transition as a chance to innovate, inspire, and impact the world in your unique way.




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