Your business mindset is everything!

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Your business mindset is everything!

How is your mindset impacting your success? Being an entrepreneur brings challenges along with its benefits. One challenge, in particular, involves your business mindset.  Are you setting yourself up for success or failure?

Have you taken the time to truly think about the type of mindset you have? If you’re afraid to fail, chances are that’s what you will manifest. Why? Mainly because you'll be risk-averse, procrastinate, and not action-oriented. It is possible to shift your mindset; from fear to determination! Which scenario do you prefer: being determined and taking action or being afraid and not letting your light shine in the world?

Mindsets That May Negatively Impact Your Business

Lack of self-confidence. 

How do you react if a boss or client says you made a mistake or they’re not happy with your final product? Does it rock your world, kill your confidence for days at a time or can you regroup, make the correction, pivot, and move on? If your brain is telling you to reach for perfection, then you’ll be extremely disappointed when you make a mistake or misunderstand your client’s needs. Solution:  be humble, accept the fact that you’re human and find a way to meet your client's needs. Then jot down that lesson in a journal or implement a new process to avoid repeating the mistake. 

A lack of confidence may be what's preventing you from taking that jump from employee to entrepreneurship or kickstarting your side hustle, to begin with. Are you comfortable working in a cubicle for other people or would you like the FREEDOM to set your own hours, accept the clients you want, and answer only to yourself? Even if you are comfortable with your current position, is there a business idea you’ve had brewing for some time? What’s keeping you from moving forward and creating a side hustle?  Your dream may become your safety net in times of economic downturns.  

A poverty mindset can affect how you set prices. 

“Money blocks” is a popular buzz phrase lately but I still hear story after story of entrepreneurs who consistently underprice their services. If you’re underpricing just to get the job, then you run the risk of not earning enough to pay your bills and you’re telling prospects subliminally that you don’t value yourself or the work that you do. If clients balk at paying your prices, then perhaps those aren’t the right clients for you.  Create an abundance mindset using mantras.  My favorite mantra right now is I Own My Impact.  I Own My Impact.  I Own My Impact.  When I get discouraged because clients don't accept my offers, I repeat this mantra three times and keep it moving!

An imposter mindset can affect how you present yourself to others. 

Another common theme among female entrepreneurs is feeling like an imposter, especially if their skills are self-taught or their market has thousands of competitors. Feeling like an imposter also feeds into the above-mentioned situations, where you lack confidence and don’t charge your worth because you feel like you’re not good enough. I despise this one!  So many women don't feel like they are good enough.  Portraying this image to prospects can cause them to reconsider hiring you, simply because they want to be confident that you are competent to do the job.

Knowing and understanding your mindset about different aspects of your business is important for personal growth as well as business growth. But don’t despair: Mindset shifts are certainly possible with consistent daily using mantras, affirmations, adding post-it notes to your bathroom mirror/office walls, group coaching, etc.  I've coached hundreds of women and employees and when you surround yourself with positivity you can (the choice is ultimately up to you) automatically begin changing that negative self-talk into positive self-talk. Another great way to tweak your confidence is to think about all the good work you have done for your clients instead and read their testimonials. Done frequently enough, your confidence will grow.

If you'd like to discuss additional ways to change your business mindset, I'd love to chat.  Connect with me here for a 30-minute free consultation.

Cheryl Cooper ~ Your Kajabi Lifestyle ArchiTECH

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