How Negative Thoughts Lower Your Self-Confidence

personal growth

Today's blog post is pretty simple and right to the point. 

Where does the lack of self-confidence come from? I’ll tell you...

It comes from the inability to trust your instincts, aka YOUR INTUITION.  So much so that you constantly doubt yourself, which then paralyzes your decision-making capabilities, and stops you from moving forward.  You get stuck because you're not sure that you are on the right path, self-confidence plummets, negative self-talk escalates, and before you know it your day is ruined.  No decisions are getting made and life gets a heck of a lot more complicated than it should be.   

What can be done when that happens?   Well, I think this YouTube video by Liis On Life offers great advice on steps you can take on learning how to trust your intuition/gut instinct.  

Additionally, I would encourage you to try some form of mindfulness:

  • Take a walk and get some fresh air
  • Pause and take 10 deep breathes before making the final decision
  • STOP - Stop, Take notice, Observe, and then Proceed. 


Don’t let negative thoughts rob you of your self-confidence, joy, and productivity.  Trust you, trust your gut, trust your intuition.  


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