How Negative Thoughts Slow You Down

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In our last post, we talked about the benefits of positive thinking. One of the points made was, that you get more done and become more skilled at what you do, by thinking that you can.

Today, we’re going to look at the flip side. When your thoughts turn negative, they have just as much impact as positive ones. However, rather than helping you accomplish your goals, they slow you down and can even bring you to a complete standstill instead.

Let’s look at exactly how they do this. 

Negative thoughts give you a sad and disappointing outlook on the world, yourself, and the future. They make you feel worthless in life. Negative thoughts are often linked to developing several illnesses such as depression, anxiety, or even OCD. 

For example, having to work a job that you are unhappy with. If you go into work every day with a negative attitude, just hoping the day would go by quickly, will completely slow down your motivation and drive to succeed not only in work but in other aspects of your life. Negative thoughts that occur in settings as simple as work can take a toll on your relationships with colleagues, friends, family, and heck your overall wellbeing. 

Going forward, I want you to start to pay more attention to how your thoughts and attitude affect you in both a positive and a negative way. From this day on, we will work on turning our negatives into positives.  Remember where your thoughts go your energy flows.  

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