How Negative Thoughts Turn Fun Activities Into Chores

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Life can be pretty simple, but we sure can complicate it with negative thoughts, right? Think back to a time when you had to tackle a big personal project.

Let’s take cleaning out your closet. If you’ve just finished reading a great book on decluttering and refreshing your wardrobe, you’ll be excited to get in and sort through all the clothes you own. Because you're inspired by all of the great new info you've learned, it will be a fun job and something you'll tackle with high vibes and positive energy. (Oh my God - sidebar, this is so a project I need to do!)

If on the other hand, you go into the closet with a negative attitude and think of it as something you must “get through,” then the activity that was inspired by your book, has suddenly turned into a dreaded task or chore.

Don’t let that happen!

When you find yourself dreading something you must do, do a brain hack, and find something positive in it…pivot it into a rewarding experience.

Just so you know not only do I write these blog posts, I actually apply the info to my life.  With that being said, I'm committing to completing the closet project (mentioned above) in one month. And yes, I absolutely dread the thought of doing it + saying this publicly. But here's how I'm going to turn this dreaded project (negative thought) into a positive one.  I'm going to:

  1. hire my friend (Kishma Anthony on IG @kish_clearclutter) the owner of Everything In Its Place to assist me in decluttering my closet. It will be great to see her and she’s great at what she does!
  2. explore the Maria Kondo closet products at KonMari (or The Container Store). Her product line appeals to one of my core values (i.e., pretty). So, in the end, my closet will be a pleasant experience filled with pretty things and I won’t dread going in there to find something to wear.

Wish me luck!

Is there a project you can turn from a negative/dreaded to a positive?

Here’s a simple tip: Listen to your favorite upbeat music as you complete your chores to keep you positive and motivated!

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