Navigating My New Life Using Mindfulness...

Hey! If you've been following me on social media (FB, IG, or LinkedIn @thecherylcooper), you know I'm absolutely obsessed with mindfulness. And let me tell you, it has been a true game-changer in my life.

The blog post is being written in hopes that it will inspire, encourage and empower you to incorporate mindfulness into your daily life and healing journey. 

Back in 2021, anxiety and stress took a toll on my well-being.  I couldn't function at work, nor could I find anyone in my huge behemoth of an employer to help me.  What I knew for sure was that if I wanted to lead a healthy and fulfilling life, as I navigated my way through post-menopause and moved toward the big 60s. I needed help!  Finding a therapist who aligned with my values and beliefs during the pandemic was impossible... so I decided to do what historically has proven to be effective.  Leaned in, pray, create a path to resilience, be strong, and find a way to heal myself!    

I started my own personal mindfulness practice which included 5-minute daily meditations (which grew to 30 minutes or more after a couple of months) on the Insight Timer app, took mindful walks every day (during meetings), completing quests on Mindvalley, and indulged in Qigong every Saturday morning. This combination transformed my life!!!  Revealing the scientifically proven incredible power of mindfulness helped me to soothe a lifetime of work and personal trauma.

Fast-forward a few months I found myself guided towards and completed multiple trainings and silent retreats.  The healing that took place inspired me to really explore what it meant to live again (not just work but really live).  In September 2021, I enrolled in their Mindfulness-Based Stress Reduction (MBSR) program, which opened up a whole new world of possibilities, December 2021 I bid farewell to the corporate world and turned my side hustle into a full-time dream job—The Cheryl Cooper: Your Kajabi Lifestyle ArchiTECH.  A year later, I went back to Mindful Leader and proudly became a Certified Workplace Mindfulness Facilitator (CWMF).

My love for mindfulness, meditation, and the incredible community at Mindful Leader propelled me forward. I now lead Meditate Together sessions every Wednesday at 5 pm (if you want to join me click here), and I serve on their esteemed Advisory Board. The joy and fulfillment I receive from sharing this practice with others make me so HAPPY!!!

Just recently, I had the pleasure of conducting a live workshop at the esteemed Curtin Team (pictured above) office, a multimillion-dollar Keller Williams Realty Constancy here in Georgia. It was pure magic.

Here’s what the team members had to say about the experience:

Cheryl Cooper did a fantastic job introducing the concept of mindfulness in the workplace with our team. There were varying levels of knowledge coming into the workshop and everyone walked away with a new learning, technique to use, or an AHA moment. She also shared great books and other resources that we can use to further our journey into mindfulness. Cheryl embodies mindfulness and her calm and centered presence was such a lovely addition to our normally chaotic office!  ~ Kanani Briggs

Our session with Cheryl was just what we needed to begin the year on a high note. Sheryl radiates passion, which is incredibly contagious. A great reminder to remain present and intentional with all things in life. ~ Shelbi Kelly

Cheryl brings such a calming, nurturing energy. The time she spent with our team was full of information and also allowed us to recharge. I left feeling more energized and ready to face the rest of my day!  ~ Heather Woodruff

After the mindfulness workshop, I kept reminding myself throughout the day that I am at happy, at peace, and at ease.  I loved the emotions bubbling up during our practical application.  Being kind to myself just felt good!  ~ The Curtin Team 

Here's the exciting part—I've expanded my business to incorporate mindfulness workshops (both live and online), mindfulness coaching (both group and 1:1), and speaking engagements. My ideal clients are corporate IT project teams in the throws of system implementations (these teams are perfect because I understand the struggle based on my 25 years as an IT Management Consultant). I'd also like to connect with organizations that value mental health, well-being, stress management, and self-care (think corporate ERG groups, HR resource groups, small to medium businesses, non-profits, and colleges).  If this sounds like something you or your organization can use, click here to book a call, and let's begin a mindfulness journey together 

Let's spread the word about the power of mindfulness + create a ripple effect of love, peace, and well-being.  Oh and sign up to become part of my email list below to learn more about my mindfulness adventures.  

Together, we can build a more mindful and harmonious world.  With heartfelt gratitude and boundless love,


P.S. Oh, just one more thought before you go...I'd love, love, love to snag a few mindfulness speaking opportunities before the end of 2023 — think podcasts, retreats, live and online summits, leadership training/offsites, and women's organizations!  That's it for real.  🤣🤣🤣

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