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My Name Is Cheryl and I am the person behind the brand ~ The Cheryl Cooper.

I'm a Kajabi Coach/Consultant who also builds Kajabi websites, memberships, courses, and blogs for entrepreneurs like yourself. I am offering this 7-week workshop because I feel it's important to get your hands dirty and understand how it all works! So you don't always have to rely on others to get IT done for you.  (Plus if you are bootstrapping, this is a cost-effective option for getting your online business ready for launch!)

Join this 7-week workshop, and work with me to gain the skills needed for designing a Kajabi website, online course, and membership sites (and more) in preparation for a launch!




Are You Ready To Stop Wasting Money, Create Revenue & Make Your Dream Become A Reality?


Running a successful business in the 21st century is directly related to having a powerful, relatable, and authentic online presence. 

Kajabi is the tool that can give you just that! is where people get caught up in limiting beliefs and procrastination.

You sign up for Kajabi. You get overwhelmed and think you are in over your has all the tools, but there are just too many options! Then, your trial runs out. Now you are paying for something that isn't bringing you income.  HELP!!!

In your mind, you're thinking this is more complicated than I thought!  Now, you're stuck as the cliche goes ~ between a rock and a hard place knowing that you have a dream of creating a fab site + online courses, membership, etc.,  you're not generating the type of money that you know you're capable of and can't afford to pay for a customized website and course creation build. 

We're here to help you Get IT Done! 

We will help you make sense of products (aka online courses | memberships | offers), websites, landing pages, blogging, email marketing, podcast setup, and product launches In just 7 weeks!

Q: How will we do it?

A: Over 7 weeks there will be a mix of live coaching/training, homework, checklists and or e-books, and one 3 hour working session experience to walk you through the process from beginning to launch. 

  • Via Weekly Get IT Done, Live Coaching/Training Sessions, (Tuesday's at 7 PM EDT via Zoom)
    • That includes live Q&A sessions
    • All sessions will be recorded and available in your Kajabi library until December 31, 2021.
    • Small-Group Coaching (only 10 participants per 7-week session)
    • Facebook Community
  • Homework assignments that will lead you through a funnel towards launching your website, membership, and or course.
  • E-book capturing steps needed to rinse and repeat the process based on what you've learned.  
  • One live working session on Saturday, October 2, 2021, from 12-3 EDT.  
  • πŸ’₯ πŸ’₯ Bonus:  Sign up by August 31, 2021, and get a free copy of the TCC Group Coaching Program Planner.  guide for designing a successful group coaching program in 8 easy stepsπŸ’₯πŸ’₯  

What's Covered During Our 7 Weeks Together?

  • How To Define + Create Branding: We start off by understanding how branding is the identity of your business. 

    • What is Your Why?  Who is your audience?
    • How to choose colors for your brand
    • Where to outsource logos for budgets large and small 
    • How to create your own logo in Canva 
  • How To Create Business Assets: Professional graphics are necessary to grow your business, but you can do them yourself in Canva! We just need to show you the pro secrets!

    • Understanding what sizes and formats you need for Kajabi
    • How to use templates to design your website/landing pages
    • How to create social media graphics
    • How to create icons for Kajabi
  • How To Create Products: "Products" are what you are selling online, and offers are how much you sell them for. This can feel complicated, but we will break it down for you! 

    • Define products 
    • Set up your first product 
    • Define offers 
    • Set up your first offer 
    • Set up the integration for you to get paid
  • How To Use A Website Design Theme + Features: There are dozens of templates you can use in Kajabi, but understanding how the content fits together can be confusing! 

    • Understand what a 'theme' actually is 
    • Incorporate your colors into the theme 
    • Understand blocks and sections 
    • Layout the blocks and sections for your site
  • How To Use Landing Page Themes + Features: "Landing Pages" are pages connected to your website and are designed to sell! You can sell coaching, consulting, events, products - courses/memberships, etc., and more from these pages. 

    • Understand the elements of a landing page 
    • Overview of what makes great sales copy 
    • How to outsource copywriting 
    • How to write your own sales copy or technology that can be used
  • How To Create A Blog: People say blogging is dead, but it's necessary for SEO plus it gives the business owners a chance to connect with their audience. 
    • How to set up your blog 
    • How to choose pictures and format for your blog 
    • How to optimize your blog for SEO 
  • How To Create Online Courses: Digital courses are one of the fastest-growing digital products in the 21st century You can package your knowledge and sell it to the world! 

    • What is a course
    • How do you choose a format that works for you 
    • How to set up your first course 
    • How to navigate the course creator in Kajabi 
  • How To Create An Email Marketing Campaign: Email is still one of the best ways to market your business! 

    • What are emails best used for
    • What to send in emails
    • When to send emails 
    • How to create an email campaign 
    • How to brand the email campaign 
  • How To Tie IT Altogether and Launch: This is the grand finale of the program where we train you on how to launch your newly completed website and products! 

    • Warming up your audience
    • Get clear on what you are selling 
    • How to define marketing avenues 
    • Create value-driven content 

Build Your Kajabi Skills

You could pay for someone to do your site for you, but then you wouldn't know how to build it yourself and appreciate the entire process! Here are three samples of what we will be building together:


Everyone needs a website! This is the first step in building a relationship with your clients, make a great first impression. 


You can sell courses using your Kajabi website.  No need for plug-ins.  Plus...membership, communities and group coaching. 


Blogging is not only essential for showing up in search engines, but for unleashing your creativity!

To Summarize

A 7 Week Hands On Workshop Where You'll Learn

  • How To Define + Create Branding

  • How To Create Business Assets

  • How To Create Products

  • How To Use A Website Design Themes + Features

  • How To Use  Landing Page Themes + Features

  • How To Create Online Courses

  • How To Use Blogging Features
  • How To Create Email Marketing Campaigns
  • How To Tie IT Altogether and Launch


πŸ’₯πŸ’₯Bonus - Sign Up By August 31stπŸ’₯πŸ’₯


TCC Group Coaching Program Planner

  • Define Your Program Focus
  • Identify Your Ideal Client
  • Outline Your Training
  • Determine Your Format
  • Uplevel it with a valuable bonus training
  • Create downloadables
  • Add an interactive Facebook group
  • Plan your launch

Single Payment + Bonus


Most Popular

  • Weekly Training/Coaching
  • Access to the FB Community
  • Access to recordings for 3 months
  • E-book and or checklists
  • Saturday - Get IT Done working session (October 2, 2021, from 12-3 pm EDT)
  • Bonus:  A 1-on-1 Small Biz Coaching Session ($300 value)

Two Payments of:


Payment Plan

  • Weekly Training/Coaching
  • Access to the FB Community
  • Access to recordings for 3 months
  • E-book and or checklists
  • Saturday - Get IT Done working session (October 2, 2021, from 12-3 pm EDT)

Not Sure If This Is A Good Fit?    

Let's connect for 30 minutes and discuss options.